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Executive Team

Dr. Paul Thai
Co-Executive Director

Dr. Wendy Hupp

Co-Executive Director

Dr. James E. Haddix
National Recorder, Psi Omega Fraternity
Secretary, Psi Omega Foundation

Dr. Louis J. Amendola
President, Psi Omega Foundation

Emily Lemacks

Executive Assistant

Dr. B. Thomas Kays

Executive Director Emeritus

Dr. Edward Grosse
National Consultant

Province Councilors

Dr. William R. JungmanProvince Councilor, Province 1

Dr. Gary Frey
Province Councilor, Province 2

Dr. Mark B. Thiele
Province Councilor, Province 3

Dr. Harry Lehrer
Province Councilor, Province 4

Dr. Joyce Huey

Province Councilor, Province 5

*Click the name of an Executive Team Member or Province Councilor to email them.*
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