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Psi Omega Foundation Publishing Award Grants

The Foundation offers member dental students the opportunity to earn $500.00 for submitting a scientific article, suitable for publication, to the Frater.  Only Psi Omega Fraternity member students are eligible.  All articles must be original work, verified by two faculty members.  Each article should be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 5 pages.  All articles must be print ready (no notes) and may be accompanied by slides, photographs (B&W or color) or graphs.  Articles will be reviewed by officers of the Foundation and will be judged on educational and scientific content, as well as publishing quality.  Articles may be from table clinic presentations if they are converted to a format suitable for printing.  Priority will be given to articles featuring clinical reports instead of innovative techniques.  


Dr. Arthur Steinberg Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service Project

The Foundation offers its active chapters the opportunity to receive the Dr. Arthur Steinberg Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service Project $500.00 grant for submitting an article for publication in the Frater about a community service project in which the chapter participated.  From among the articles submitted, one article will be selected to be published in each edition of the Frater, and the chapter will be award the grant.


Approximately every two years, a conference of chapter representatives will be held to exchange best practices and to provide opportunities for collaboration.  The representative, typically a second year student, will bring information on membership, fundraising, community service projects and local chapter activities to share with the other chapters.  Expenses will be supported by the National Council for accommodations at the conclave.

Psi Omega Foundation Loans


The Psi Omega Foundation offers student loans to all Psi Omega Student Members.  Loans of $3,000.00 are available.  There is no interest until graduation.  The interest rate this year is 5%, with interest only payments that are due 3 years after graduation.  The complete loan balance and interest is due at the end of the fourth year.  To apply for a loan, please contact the Central Office at 843.556.0573 and we would be happy to get you an application.  Please realize that there are ONLY two loans given to two students in a Chapter per year.  

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