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Welcome to Psi Omega National Dental Fraternity’s web site.

In it, you will find information on the fraternity’s programs and member benefits, news from the Central Office, Foundation, National Council, and Chapters. Links to those Chapters with web sites can be found under the Provinces tab on their respective page. We encourage your comments and suggestions to the central office.

Central Office

The Central Office staff, Emily Lemacks in South Carolina, and co-executive directors Dr. Paul Thai in Minnesota and Dr. Wendy Hupp in Florida, maintain all of the records for Psi Omega. They maintain a database of records for each chapter, each member and each alumnus. In addition, they maintain the financial records, pay bills, receive dues, and contribute data for the Frater.




The objectives of this Fraternity are to maintain and advance the high standards of dentistry by instilling in its members the spirit of fraternal cooperation; and to exert its influence for the advancement of the dental profession in its methods of teaching, of practice, of research, of ethics and of jurisprudence.



Early in the spring of 1892 William Sprigg Hamilton of Georgia, a student at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery Class of 1894 conceived the idea of founding a dental fraternity. He imparted his views to J. George Schmetzer, and the two planned the organization. Hamilton wrote the original Ritual and Constitution, which were submitted and adopted on the eighth day of June 1892 in the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the first dental college in the world.


School chapters are composed of initiated undergraduate dental student members of the fraternity.

Alumni chapters are composed of initiated members of the fraternity who have attained the Degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine and of initiated honorary members.

The fraternity is composed of five regions known as provinces.

Each province has a Province Councilor who has been elected by the membership.

Each school chapter has an advisor known as a Deputy Councilor; the Deputy Councilor being an active alumni member.

The National Council, composed of the Province Councilors, manages the fraternity. The daily management is accomplished by the Central Office.


There are many programs and benefits available for students who belong to Psi Omega Chapters throughout the country. Check out the Chapter web sites by checking out our Province Map.



Psi Omega Alumni provide assistance to the fraternity and to students enrolled in dental programs around the country. 

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